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05 January 2009

Road Trip Made Easy

With all modern comfort of using GPS navigation gadgets, knowing the way to go while driving your car can be fun and getting lost can be avoided. But making a road trip is not always about driving the car to your destination. People wants to have the most of their trip by enjoying the scenery, stopping at their interest spots, and even making a big detour to explore the regions.

Sure, those Tomtom or Garmin are very handy on-road, but good trips usually involved good planning, especially when you want to be on a safe budget as well as safe driving. Google Map is definetely one of the best and free solution for planning the way. Just google the locations, and that's about it. The best thing is that it would give a street view, when it's available. With it, you can roughly know how do those important intersections look like and figured that you should turn right before it's too late!

google if you want to go to Barcelona for example

street view on Google map

Google Map is great, but my favorite is Via Michellin, because it shows you the rough cost of your trip. With it, you can know how much petrol you would spend, how much toll and road tax you need to pay. And the most favorable feature is its 'scenic roads' map. How nice that you know you're gonna see scenery 98 km long along your trip for example. The ability to choose between "Recommended, Quickest, Shortest, Sightseeing, and Economical" makes it my absolute winner!

Via Michellin with options "Recommended, Quickest, Shortest, Sightseeing, and Economical"

Now your route is printed, the fuel tank is full, the picnic box is prepared, you are ready to go! But do check the weather and the local road information updates, especially on winter if you want to go through mountain pass, because probably the road is closed and you'd need to take a detour.

Happy road tripping! Drive safe and make your plan flexible! Cause sometime it's still good to get lost and find unexpected gems out of nowhere!


18november said...

I hope you don't mind, I wrote a bit about Viamichelin and Schengen Visa for a sort of 'travel tips' article for the magazine where I'm currently interning's next issue.

*halah kayaknya ribet banget*

Anyways, they're just pointers and not as comprehensive as your writings.. Thanks for the travel insights ya :D

Fakhrur said...

hey, no problam lah.. glad can help ;)