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You all probably already realized that this travel blog hasn't been updated for a really long time now. Nothing serious, just being busy and lazy actually. However, expect a reborn sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I just started a new personal blog and promised to update it frequently here.

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27 October 2008

Where The Hell Is Matt? He's Dancing Terribly Around The World

I always love his videos.. Really simple seems meaningless, yet so inspiring and .. fun. I'm quite surprised that according to his map, on these days, he's in Singapore for a trip to Malay Peninsula. On the last day I'm in Singapore hehe.. Enjoy the video, this was 2006 Outtakes, there are more videos in his page and YouTube. Check them out! They're really nice.

18 October 2008

Moving to Slovenia

I hate to say good-bye, but I must bid farewell to friends here in Singapore. I want to tell you about my moving-out to Slovenia. Why Slovenia? I think I don't need to explain :P but here's what..

I'm gonna start to work in a Slovenian architecture consultant firm called Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekti. I don't know for sure, but I think they have about a dozen people working there. You think that's small? Then good luck finding 5 Slovenian firms that has more than 3 staffs! :D FYI on the contrary, the company I've been working in has about 1,200 staffs in Singapore alone.

This adventure ahead thrills me. I've been overwhelmed by the new experience, the totally different working atmosphere, and different projects with new settings. I just can't wait to begin working!

So Where Is Slovenia?
Many people aren't so sure where it's located, it's a new nation (1991 independence from Yugoslavia), so probably didn't come out on geography exam when you were back in school.

Well, Slovenia is much closer than you'd think. It's often considered as Eastern European country, while in fact it's more located in the central Europe, you know that big Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa? Slovenia is just there in the corner, right between Italy and Croatia, and South from Austria and Hungary. Not in Balkan as some people thought, and it's not Slovakia! Mistaken this, you'd be slammed by furious Slovenes! Hahaha just kidding.

Slovenia relative location to Europe

Beloved Capital
Ljubljana, the city I'm heading to, is the capital of Slovenia. Pronounce it "li-yu-bli-ya-na". Uh, you'd probably complain what's with the hard word. Well if I'm not wrong, Ljublji means "Love", and remember that "Ljubim te" means "I love you". Got it? OK, There goes your first Slovene language lesson.

Ljubljana has only 300,000 inhabitants, yet it's the biggest city in Slovenia. So now you got the idea how dense Slovenia is, right? There are only 2 million people living in the country, making it one of the least dense EU country. As you can imagine, when you step outside the city you'd find yourself passing hills like you see in Sound of Music, crossing the dream-like turquoise colored rivers, which was the set of one Narnia movie for the river scene (yes, the shot was taken in its Soča River), and meandering mountain pass covered in snow (the Alps stretch all away to Slovenia). It's just simply beautiful.

I couldn't recall anywhere else than Slovenian countryside, where you can actually ALWAYS enjoy the scenery while driving fast along the express ways. But you know what, Slovenia has a lot more to offers. Even though it's small, that piece of land and its people are really diverse. Here's what I have in mind about Slovenia on my last visit earlier this year.

my first impressions of Slovenia (click to enlarge)

You would find more interesting stuffs on Slovenia tourism website or wikitravel.

OK, I'm gonna change my address, I hope I can settle soon so that we can invite you to come to Slovenia. Happy traveling!

us in front of Predjama Castle, inviting you

13 October 2008

A Reason to Travel Around The World: UNESCO World Heritage Site

For many people, vacation means sunbathing on the white sandy beach, hitting a jackpot on casino slot machine, pampering body and soul in spas, or seeking for bargain on souvenir markets. But do remember that we're living in a rich world, yes so wealthy in culture and nature, not merely economy and possession. There are thousands of things around us to be seen, touch, smell, and experience. Some has been there since the earth formed, some since the cradle of mankind and some evolves with human.

For some of you who would like to enjoy the world more than what your local travel agent has to offer, the world is almost unlimited. The wonders can be world-renown or local best-kept secrets, and all you need is a bit of research. There are tonnes of online references out there to look for, my favorites are lonelyplanet thorntree forum and wikitravel, which are free and so convenient. I thank people who spends a lot of their time contributing and helping each other.

Now I'm gonna spotlight a list that made by UNESCO and had been somewhat guiding me to pick interesting places when I'm planning to travel. This list is called World Heritage List. Yes, it sounds so familiar, as places are using this award in their slogans and advertisements. But we're rarely pay attention on it right? There's more than only a slogan. This list made to protect and preserve these places. Imagine what would happen if the developers just build whatever they want to bring money from tourist flocked the sites! Disaster! And this program also give incentive so that the sites benefit surrounding community (not only from tourists-generated income) and to mankind.

There are currently only 878 sites on the list. From Borobudur Temple to Ha Long Bay, these sites await you on your next trip around the world :)

Happy travel!

disclaimer: photo was taken from this blog

08 October 2008

Mini Games of Miles&More Birthday

Well, if you're into mini games and enjoy the travel theme, probably this would excite you a bit, at least it helped me went through my boring day at work today.

Miles & More, the frequent flyer program started by Lufthansa Airlines is celebrating its 15th birthday. The website is giving away 150 flight tickets for free, but you need to play their games first. Fortunately, I found the games are somewhat quite fun! Like the grand final game that you must fly the plane of each partner airlines, collecting miles and duck the 'evil' clouds. Or check out other games similar to travelbrain, hidden objects and many familiar mini games.

Most games are so easy, even for kindergarten children. Yet, remember that there are tickets to be won!

So enjoy and happy travel!