Dear readers,

You all probably already realized that this travel blog hasn't been updated for a really long time now. Nothing serious, just being busy and lazy actually. However, expect a reborn sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I just started a new personal blog and promised to update it frequently here.

See ya all!
-- Fakhrur

27 October 2008

Where The Hell Is Matt? He's Dancing Terribly Around The World

I always love his videos.. Really simple seems meaningless, yet so inspiring and .. fun. I'm quite surprised that according to his map, on these days, he's in Singapore for a trip to Malay Peninsula. On the last day I'm in Singapore hehe.. Enjoy the video, this was 2006 Outtakes, there are more videos in his page and YouTube. Check them out! They're really nice.


Yuyus said...

"The entire country feels like one very large departure lounge; spotlessly clean, no distinct smells, climate-controlled, no one is poor, lots of shopping, no real culture, pleasant enough for the moment, but not a place you want to stay very long."

so Matt was right then? :D

Fakhrur said...

sooooo right! :D