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13 October 2008

A Reason to Travel Around The World: UNESCO World Heritage Site

For many people, vacation means sunbathing on the white sandy beach, hitting a jackpot on casino slot machine, pampering body and soul in spas, or seeking for bargain on souvenir markets. But do remember that we're living in a rich world, yes so wealthy in culture and nature, not merely economy and possession. There are thousands of things around us to be seen, touch, smell, and experience. Some has been there since the earth formed, some since the cradle of mankind and some evolves with human.

For some of you who would like to enjoy the world more than what your local travel agent has to offer, the world is almost unlimited. The wonders can be world-renown or local best-kept secrets, and all you need is a bit of research. There are tonnes of online references out there to look for, my favorites are lonelyplanet thorntree forum and wikitravel, which are free and so convenient. I thank people who spends a lot of their time contributing and helping each other.

Now I'm gonna spotlight a list that made by UNESCO and had been somewhat guiding me to pick interesting places when I'm planning to travel. This list is called World Heritage List. Yes, it sounds so familiar, as places are using this award in their slogans and advertisements. But we're rarely pay attention on it right? There's more than only a slogan. This list made to protect and preserve these places. Imagine what would happen if the developers just build whatever they want to bring money from tourist flocked the sites! Disaster! And this program also give incentive so that the sites benefit surrounding community (not only from tourists-generated income) and to mankind.

There are currently only 878 sites on the list. From Borobudur Temple to Ha Long Bay, these sites await you on your next trip around the world :)

Happy travel!

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