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You all probably already realized that this travel blog hasn't been updated for a really long time now. Nothing serious, just being busy and lazy actually. However, expect a reborn sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I just started a new personal blog and promised to update it frequently here.

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18 October 2008

Moving to Slovenia

I hate to say good-bye, but I must bid farewell to friends here in Singapore. I want to tell you about my moving-out to Slovenia. Why Slovenia? I think I don't need to explain :P but here's what..

I'm gonna start to work in a Slovenian architecture consultant firm called Ravnikar Potokar Arhitekti. I don't know for sure, but I think they have about a dozen people working there. You think that's small? Then good luck finding 5 Slovenian firms that has more than 3 staffs! :D FYI on the contrary, the company I've been working in has about 1,200 staffs in Singapore alone.

This adventure ahead thrills me. I've been overwhelmed by the new experience, the totally different working atmosphere, and different projects with new settings. I just can't wait to begin working!

So Where Is Slovenia?
Many people aren't so sure where it's located, it's a new nation (1991 independence from Yugoslavia), so probably didn't come out on geography exam when you were back in school.

Well, Slovenia is much closer than you'd think. It's often considered as Eastern European country, while in fact it's more located in the central Europe, you know that big Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa? Slovenia is just there in the corner, right between Italy and Croatia, and South from Austria and Hungary. Not in Balkan as some people thought, and it's not Slovakia! Mistaken this, you'd be slammed by furious Slovenes! Hahaha just kidding.

Slovenia relative location to Europe

Beloved Capital
Ljubljana, the city I'm heading to, is the capital of Slovenia. Pronounce it "li-yu-bli-ya-na". Uh, you'd probably complain what's with the hard word. Well if I'm not wrong, Ljublji means "Love", and remember that "Ljubim te" means "I love you". Got it? OK, There goes your first Slovene language lesson.

Ljubljana has only 300,000 inhabitants, yet it's the biggest city in Slovenia. So now you got the idea how dense Slovenia is, right? There are only 2 million people living in the country, making it one of the least dense EU country. As you can imagine, when you step outside the city you'd find yourself passing hills like you see in Sound of Music, crossing the dream-like turquoise colored rivers, which was the set of one Narnia movie for the river scene (yes, the shot was taken in its Soča River), and meandering mountain pass covered in snow (the Alps stretch all away to Slovenia). It's just simply beautiful.

I couldn't recall anywhere else than Slovenian countryside, where you can actually ALWAYS enjoy the scenery while driving fast along the express ways. But you know what, Slovenia has a lot more to offers. Even though it's small, that piece of land and its people are really diverse. Here's what I have in mind about Slovenia on my last visit earlier this year.

my first impressions of Slovenia (click to enlarge)

You would find more interesting stuffs on Slovenia tourism website or wikitravel.

OK, I'm gonna change my address, I hope I can settle soon so that we can invite you to come to Slovenia. Happy traveling!

us in front of Predjama Castle, inviting you


miz said...

im going to watch sound of music now
preview.. hahah

viel glueck in slovenia! und vielleicht, einer Tag werden wir noch mal treffen ja! :D

cokelatia said...

so that's the news :) i don't know what to say.. u're so far away! haha. good luck my friend, see u again some time? say hello to breda from me ;)

Fakhrur said...

sure, you're always welcome in Slovenia, i heard that it's good for skiing too, so rush yourself, come to europe on winter ;)

tia, we believe there will be more chance for us to meet again, :) i wish you luck with the chocolate business!!

d i r a said...

Waaa pindahan ke Slovenia toh :D Kapaaaann? Jangan jangan udah nyampe dsana...
Mau dong dateng *hehehe seakan2 diundang......*
Viel gluck und vergnug ya!

Yuyus said...

Goodluck Om Fakhrur!

have a great time while you are there.

belom pernah ke Eropa, belom pernah keluar Singapura :D

18november said...

sounds wonderful, rolling around on the hills like Maria then having lunch in Predjama Castle.. hehe

Anonymous said...

you always amaze me about you adventour rur, eventough we haven't talked for soo long. I'm really happy for you. good luck brother, definitely I'll see you on the top :)

Fakhrur said...

thanks everyone :)

please come to visit when i settled in.. dira, this winter? :D rich, yeah i hardly see you online, i hope they're not torturing you up hehe.. any holiday plan to central europe? yuyus, how's the new job going?

Carmelita B said...

Selamat yaaaaa!!!

Congrats!!! So the wedding bells are ringing soooooonnn doonkkk?????

Loe memang plg top deh, salut dgn loe yg selalu berani membuat langkah besar ke masa depan.

Semoga awet sama Breda dan cepet merit ya.....GW MAU KE SLOVENIAAAAAAA sekarang gara2 loe hwehehehehehhehe......

XOXO for you two!!!!!

PS: Loe udah blajar bhs Slovenia???

Fakhrur said...

thanks met :) ditunggu aja undangannya :p

Anonymous said...

hello! I´m from Slovenia and I´m happy that you like our country.
"Love" it means "ljubezen" or "ljubiti" not ljublji :)