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You all probably already realized that this travel blog hasn't been updated for a really long time now. Nothing serious, just being busy and lazy actually. However, expect a reborn sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I just started a new personal blog and promised to update it frequently here.

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28 May 2009

That Video on Indonesia Tourism

Simply beautiful. But hardly shows even half of Indonesia has to offer. If you can afford the time, there are literally thousands of remote and pristine natures all over Indonesia for you to find and admire.


The Diva said...

This is so beautiful. Awesome. Where did you get this one from?

It's a pity that they mostly cover cultures from Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi.

I'm missing some unique ones from the Eastern part of INdonesia i.e. Cakalele Dance from the Moluccas, the Asmat tribe, the houses and their typical food, the beauty of the pristine beaches...
Gosh I miss Moluccas (I grew up there)

melur said...

ELLE Magazine Indonesia June, out now: Travel issue!!!
inside: the magnificent seven new wonders. AND... island hopping (7 amazing remote islands in Indonesia) yippie...

Fakhrur said...

@diva.. you grew up there? awesome :) yeah the video should include all, but then it will be too long.. like that Keong Mas IMAX movie lol

@melur.. which 7 islamds are those? btw i'm getting frustrated planning a trip, sulawesi is way too big to fit within 2 weeks

The Diva said...

Just read that you replied. Yup 7 years in Moluccas. Dad worked there. I loved the place, the food, the beaches. My first childhood memory. I can still understand the dialect quite well, although my speaking is no longer that good throughout the years hehehe. It was an awesome place to live.

Sulawesi eh? Let me know how it is. Martin is dying to go to Bunaken.
But Matano Lake is very nice too. My best friend lives in Sorowako -- near matano lake, the world's deepest lake (so she said from her research)