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22 July 2009

Vote The New 7 Wonders of Nature World Final

The 28 finalists were chosen, out from previous 77. The final New 7 Wonder will be announced next year after the votes were collected. So you have your time now and cast your vote on your favorites!

But alas! Among 28 places, I have never been to one. So I'm just blind voting for the coolest and the ones I'd really want to be there. The first should be Komodo Island, to support the only Indonesian finalist. Hell, who am I kidding... It's the island of the freaking Komodo dragons! The closest cousins to awesome dinosaurs!!! THE dinosaurs, hello!!! Thanks to the dragons, this particularly one island -between thousands of Indonesian beautiful islands, is definitely worthed to be in the top 7 Wonders of Nature World. Right on! Here for you dinosaurs!!

awwww look at him.... just tell me one reason why not to vote for these guys

Read a bit about Komodo Island on the official 7 Wonders Site. Or simply wiki it.

Did I mentioned that the island is also beautiful?

My other votes go to the following:
- Maldives, for the breath-taking beaches and underwater world. Representing the islands that are really threaten by global warming and climate changes.
- Amazons, this is obvious. No other place has the diversity, the size and the beauty of it.
- The Great Barrier Reef, for the grandest underwater world.
- The Angel Falls, for its majestic.
- Matterhorn/Cervino, from the Alps world. (I wonder why Himalayan Mt. Everest didn't managed to finals, anyone?)
- The Dead Sea, another obvious choice.

Vote can be made here. Happy voting!

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