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09 December 2008

Fight Jet Lag Tips

Caught in a jet lag is sometime pain in the ass and can be the worst thing after your vacation, especially when you need to go to work the next day. I compiled some tips from different sources on how combating jet lag naturally. Yes, actually there's some sleeping pills and such, but natural is always betterm isn't it?

From CNN Business Traveller:
  • Avoid late meals and alcohol
  • Take cat-naps when you need to
  • Adjust to your destination as soon as you get on the plane
  • Eat on local time
  • Get a good night's sleep before you travel
  • Go for walks in daytime and get plenty of sunlight
  • Try to sleep at take-off when gravitational forces and a shortage of fresh oxygen make ideal conditions for dozing off
  • A break in a long flight can help
  • Noise-cancellation headphones can block out noise and help you sleep on planes

  • From Road&Travel Magazine

    Shift your sleep times before you travel. In the few days before traveling west, go to bed and wake up 1 hour later each day. In the few days before traveling east, go to bed and wake up 1 hour earlier each day.

    Regulate your light exposure before you travel.
    In the few days before traveling west, seek evening light and avoid morning light. Before traveling east, seek morning light and avoid evening light. People can use a bright light box to get light, although people who experience migraines, mood disorders or have eye diseases should first consult with their physician before using one.

    Regulate your light exposure in your new time zone. If you traveled west, on arrival, seek morning light and avoid afternoon light. If you traveled east, on arrival seek evening light and avoid morning light. Weather conditions permitting, people can seek light by going outdoors and wearing only lightly tinted sunglasses. Do not look directly at the sun. Light can be avoided by staying indoors away from windows, wearing very dark sunglasses when outside and by sleeping.

    Avoid alcohol and caffeine at least 3-6 hours before bed.

    Avoid heavy exercise close to bedtime.

    Bring earplugs and blindfolds to reduce noise and light.
    And there are some other good ones, like this one.. You might want to google the rest. Happy traveling!

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