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03 December 2008

I Wanna Fly Virgin!

In the time like this, budget airlines must have compete very tough with both major and budget airlines. They have to offer something that can be their niche, because we know, even cheaper flight tickets and competitive service wouldn't be enough. One airline does it well.. Really well maybe. Virgin America is another new budget airline that has flight route between several US major cities, but let's see what they have to offer..

Mood lighting on the cabin? VERY nice!! I wonder if anyone even thought of that..

They also have personal entertainment on each passenger seat. Do remember that this is a budget airline! And what's more that they provide different sockets for your gadgets, so you can charge, connect the USB, ethernet.. and even WiFi!! For the folks left on the land, they can also check the flight status online.

what you can connect on board

online flight status

Oh, I really want to try to fly with Virgin America. Probably the coolest thing you can get when you fly on a budget. To see why they are so different, please visit their site.

Happy traveling!

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