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15 November 2008

Air Asia Omitted Fuel Surcharge

No kidding! This is a good news for you in South East Asia - Australia region who enjoys budget airlines regularly. The latest oil price drop has many benefits, especially good for times like this financial crisis. One of them is Air Asia decided to kill the fuel surcharge on its ticket (at least for now, they didn't promised to keep it this way on the future). So grab while you still can!

The math for budget flight ticket was usually like this:

ticket (nett) = ticket + fuel surcharge + services (optional) + airport tax

So no fuel surcharge this time. And yet, another good news! They're having a "free-seats" promo on travel between Jun 22th to Oct 24th 2009. Yes, that means literally you only pay for the airport tax! I did a test booking for Singapore - Kuala Lumpur on July 2009 travel and it came up like this:

Note: The 2.50 SGD is optional baggage, if you only have cabin carry you won't need this, but if you have more baggage, you'd pay more. It sucks I know, but this is normal for any budget airlines flights in the whole world.

Grab the free seating or just grab the no-fuel surcharge, happy travel everyone!


Anonymous said...

Air asia were good to be off the mark with this one. They are always pretty up there with this kind of thing. I just wante better service sometimes!

Fakhrur said...

agree.. like it's really seldom now hearing their flights that don't late

p.s. good blog, very dedicated