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21 November 2008

Dubai: Palm Jumeirah Opens

I've been trying hard not to be interested to the developments in Dubai, yet I think I tried long enough. I must admit now that now I'm actually interested on it. For me, Dubai (and neighboring Abu-Dhabi) is nothing but a crazy playground of development. What they are doing there are simply utopian in a very shallow way. Very childish if I might say, very fake.

"Hey, let's make the tallest tower in the world, and make the actual height a secret, a lot earlier and taller than expected tallest skycraper in NYC, Freedom Tower. Sure.. Money is not a problem."

"Hey, let's build the tallest hotel(s)! Please don't make it (them) look normal!"

"Hey, let's buy the top athelete names to name our buildings. Pay them as much as they want!"

"Hey, let's build a snow park in the middle of desert! You got it!"

"Hey, let's make the biggest mall in the world, no matter who would occupied it. if Zara wants to build 4 stores inside, we'll let them!"

"Hey, let's make a cluster big island that can be seen from space! Oh wait, make four of them!"


And the this first cluster of the man-made island is done and just celebrated the grand opening. Let's meet all the celebrities who was coming for the event!

Fireworks in Grand Opening of Palm Jumeriah, I hope it's not fake as Olmpic opening in Beijing

I hate hate hate the fake buildings, islands (Yes I hate Pulau Sentosa, but somehow it works well with Singapore, that is also has lots of fake beaches, lakes, etc.) and everythings that so unnatural. But now I'm realizing that between hate and love sometime has only a very fine line.

I thought that I will have no interest to visit this city. Maybe if I would probably because I did involved in some projects in Abu-Dhabi for my ex-company and some design proposal and competition works in Dubai (especially one in Palm Jebel Ali). But now I'm starting to think to come if I have a chance. Well done Dubai marketing team!

Google Earth image of Palm Jebel Ali, Palm Jumeirah, The World, and Palm Deira (from left bottom to right top)


Dearni Irene said...

Hehehe, yes it's true :)
I alyaws thought their idea was kind of foolish :P
But when I now have the chance to come and visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai... well, it's quite interesting :)

Mau balik lagi? MESEA 20th Sty? :D

Fakhrur said...

hmmm i think i'll wait until you got stationed permanently in abu-dhabi :D my feeling tell me that it's gonna be most likely haha

d i r a said...

Iya setuju di Dubai tuh apa maunya sih, gedung2 fake semua...belum lagi katanya pekerjan bangunannya orang2 India Pakistan Srilanka dkk pada mati kepanasan, kesian...

*curhat* makanya gw anti kerja di Sg ga mau memberi sumbangsih ngerancang another high rise building :D

Fakhrur said...

anti kerja di sg gara2 ga mau ngerancang high-rise? ga salah tuh :p menurut gue high-rise sih gapapa asal bener bikinnya, desainnya sm gmn dampaknya thd lingkungan (lingkungan hidup dan sosial)

yg ga demen sm dubai itu, 90% bangungan di sana cm showcase dan marketing dangkal tanpa menghargai arti dan makna dr bangunan tsb.. (cieh filosofis bgt)

Juile said...

Crazy playground of developments it may be but if the world comes to dubai and leaves in awe of it then we cannot stop such mad things from happening. People until the start of the year were investing big time in such projects. So the world combined cannot be mad and crazy.

d i r a said...

hehehe baru sempet komen2 lagi nih :D
ga tau ya gw pro mid density living.... 6 lantai rasanya dah cukup. Tapi iya sih gak semua high rise building jelek.... tapi Dubai bener2 deh, huekk :D

Richard said...

so you are more interested in Abu dhabi compare to dubai even i don't like artificial architecture so much rather i would go for seeing some natural and more beautiful object.