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25 November 2008

Slovenia: Piran, A Tiny Venice Without The Canals

.. And that's probably better, for the very reason why that 'aroma' came into mind everytime you remember your last visit to Venice hahaha..

Tartini Square, view from my hotel room

OK First.. Did I mentioned that the small country has coast? Yes.. It's there, only 42km long and squeezed between Italian and Croation coastline. The four main towns in their coast are Piran, Postorož, Izola and Koper. While Postorož has paid its price for rapid tourism developments, Piran is definetely the most beautiful (maybe by keeping the size small). Meanwhile, I like Izola because it's not flooded with tourists, and Koper is more into a seaport than a tourist destination, yet Koper is a gateway for export-import for Eastern Europe countries as far away as from Poland to Romania.

42 km long Slovenia coastline from Google Earth

Now we're gonna talk more about Piran. Here's the bird-eye view of the town from this site. You might want to check their photos, which I believe much more nicer than my photos I posted here hehehe.

I went there again last weekend for the 26th annual Piran Days of Architecture and the town still felt nice and warm, thanks to really warm weather on those two days. The old town was part of the Venetian Empire for centuries, so you can see how similar it is with Venice.

Tartini Tartini Tartini..

The main plaza is called Tartinijev Trg, which translates "Tartini Plaza". Tartini was a genius violinist which has a bit of tale. He was born in Piran. You can see how the oval plaza looks on the top of the page. It was taken from the tiny hotel room I stay, the hotel called Hotel Tartini. Aha.. You see what I mean.. I would recommend the hotel, it's small, just all what you'd need, clean, super nice service, good breakfast buffe, with only somewhat expensive price.

Please check what other interesting things and what you can do on wikitravel or some other website. I'm posting some pics I took below.

this is a photo from my first visit on May

cafe on the promenade, it was part of the Theater where the architecture seminar was

the colorful facade

the Tartini Square at night

one of many small galleries that scattered in this cultural town


Anonymous said...

nabung..nabung..kali aja bisa kesana...refers ke foto2nya om fakhrur sih okeh2 bener kotanya.. :D

gimana di Slo, betah? pastinya.. :D

Fakhrur said...

kalo ke Piran, jgn pas desember-januari.. kyk di Venice, skrg lg banjir kena pasang air laut

ayo maen2 sini yuk..

mbak ren, dimana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung (ga nyambung) hehehe